Saturday, November 13, 2010

No manners and your view

Mr.Havoc was the cleaner. He was transferred to other place because something happened.
Do you know why? Let me briefly tell you. In the working, he like to see girls especially beautiful one. One day, he was cleaning in the first floor of the building, the lady pass by. He smelled the perfume and took a look. He thought like that :" Wow, so beautiful, if I can hug her, I will be very happy." He then open the mouth and whistling " Hui Hui, Hui Hui..." The lady's reaction was not good, she felt annoyed.
Ring ring ring, Someone called his cell phone, Mr. Havoc replied:" Supervisor, OK, I am proceeding to second floor to clean up the gymnastic.
While he was reaching the gym. Wow, the same lady was in the gym. The lady thought that Mr. Havoc was following her. She thought that this Mr. Havoc might be trying to do some decent things, so Immediately she call the building management head and complained the incident.
Very soon, Mr. Havoc's supervisor rushed to the scene and told Mr. Havoc :' You can not work here any more because........"
Mr. Havoc immediately escorted out from the building. He could not work there any more.
You see, no manner could be that serious.
What is your view? Did Mr. Havoc deserve the treatment like that.
For your information, Mr. Havoc was sacked by the cleaning company after he was transferred to other place. Reason: whistling.


nothingprofound said...

I think everyone over-reacted. A warning would've sufficed.

coolingstar9 said...

If I am the head, probably I will just give him the warning and explain to him that we should not annoy people in this manner.
Thanks for your visit, let's cheer.

Janene Murphy said...

He should not have whistled at her, but I agree. An over-reaction. He did not purposely follow her, he was directed there. Sad.

coolingstar9 said...

Janene Murphy,
A warning to Mr. Havoc is necessary.
Because he never physically molest her.
Again, proper manner must be observed.
Thanks for all the valuable comments.