Monday, July 12, 2010

Habitual problems

Yesterday I took MRT ( Train )home. I saw " reminders" inside the train as follow:
" It's not cool to bully. It's not cool to litter."
" Got fined. Gt CWO ( Corrective work order to clean up some designated places ) too. Now I'm a litterbug fool." " Do the right thing. Let's bin it."
Wow, you see! this is the good reminders from the enforcement body National Environment Agency.
My friends, with so many reminders, why enforcement officers still can manage to catch so many people littering?
I think this is the habitual problem.
If we all have right mindset, we should not litter. So, we wouldn't be fined ( few hundred dollars).
Remember few hundred dollars can be very big amount for poor families here.
So, we should do all the good things in life.
Do you agree?


PussDaddy said...

How hard is it to find a trash can? They should be fined or made to clean up litter somewhere.


nothingprofound said...

Some people are careless, and others just don't care. They think it's fun or smart or cool to break the rules. O well, it's a big world, and there's room for everyone.

timethief said...

I think that nothingprofound is right on. Some folks just don't care and others like breaking rules. Generally speaking people who habiutally litter are lazy, don’t care, are ignorant of the negative effects, and have no sense of civic pride. That's why their must be regulations and penalties because lack of consequence for their actions leads to repetition.

It's important is to teach our children well and to praise them when they demonstrate that they will be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

“Don't just do what's your responsiblilty, do what needs to be done.” ~Pivot

It's also important that we bloggers discuss the negative effects of litter on the environment with our readers in our blogs so ignorance can no longer prevail.

Thanks you for this post and the opportunity to comment on it.

A_Bucketbot said...

i wish this policy of paying hundred dollars if-you-litter is implemented in my country.
But its sad that people needs to get warned about not littering. This feeling of keeping the country clean should come from within ourselves and then only we can look onto a clean earth.

AngelBaby said...

This is so true, we need to take care of our planet or what will we live on. Besides it is the only planet with chocolate so we have to take care of it.

Have a wonderful day!

Love and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Do people throw their rubbish on the floor at home? NO! Do they need to be fined to be reminded at home? NO! Do they even need reminders about not littering at home? NO!

They are either simply selfish or they have never treat the environment as their homes.

scribadiva said...

I grew up in New York City. All school children, public or private, learn a song:
Litterbug, litterbug, shame on you,
Look at all the terrible things you do....shame, shame on you!

I forgot the third line, something about how lovely everything would look were the litterbug paying attention.
Indoctrination, pure and simple. To this day, I don't litter. Now that I'm an adult, the importance of our environment, what will do with all the plastic bottles...Even if I didn't learn that as a child, I still wouldn't litter.
Coolstar, I run into you a lot. Came here to follow you. Also Time Thief, I don't know if we are friends, but I'll check and send invite. It's easy to remember those you admire, even with 'drain bamage.' Sweet tides, Linda

Jimmy Ng said...

I think Singapore is partly famous for its cleanliness. Isn't it great living in a clean environment? I surely hope my country, Malaysia can do what Singapore has achieved.

I guess the reminders that CoolingStar was talking about are only meant for foreigners visiting Singapore who do not know that you get fine being a litterbug.