Friday, April 2, 2010

Great shame of all

Since we were born, our parents have taken care us unconditionally. If our parents never took care of us, we surely die. Just for this one particular reason , we can say that it is the great shame not to reply their kindness. We can not take it lightly because if we can not do that, we ready not human and we are worse than beast.
Filial to parents is what every son/daughter " must do ", there is no bargain or excuses on that for whatever reasons.
Please establish the right mindset-sincerely and unconditionally love your parents. This is not just giving some money to our parents but giving them warmth. For examples, spend times to talk to them, washing their legs, etc, etc. you should know what are their like, you should full fill their wishes. The point is to make our parents smile. Making them smiling always is what we must do.


PussDaddy said...

What about parents who weren't good parents? What do they get?


elegantnodes said...

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coolingstar9 said...

Parents who weren't good parents because nobody taught them in the past.
For us, we also must treat them well no matter how bad they have treated us. We can advise our parents nicely if they do something no right.
Bad parents who never taught or led their kids, their kid would likely go astray.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for visiting this site. I enjoy reading your posts. Your recent post about fast walk is ready good advice.
I think everybody need to have the fast walk regularly so as to keep fit.
Besides health body, healthy mindset always equally important.
Have the happy life.

Jimmy Ng said...

Whether a parents' legs deserve our washing or having a wonderful time with them depends on the role he/she plays in our life.

What if your father knows how to make you then left you for good? Where are his responsibilites and love while you're a kid when you needed most? Did he spend a single cent on your welfare or education? What if when being introduced to him (knowing that you're his son but you did not know that he is your father)he didn't even shake your hands? Looking sarcastically at you instead? Did he at his last breath think of you and seek a reconcialtion with you?

If he did, I might have forgiven him but he didn't.