Saturday, September 6, 2008

Award for all of you

This is my most happiest moment because I am going to give away one of the four awards. That means I still have three awards to give. This special friendship award is given by nisha who had just commented on my last post-Give vs Get, She is one of my best friends , She wrote : "I Swear, this post { Give vs Get } has bought tears to my eyes.. its such a beautiful thought you have in your heart coolingstar:)Thank you for leaving comments on my posts that you missed out. I really love hearing the words you put down as comments dear and will always cherish the friendship we share:)
September 2, 2008 5:11 AM ] .
Nisha, thanks for giving this special friendship award to me. Nisha, I am still learning it and I want to put it into action because action worth thousand words. This special award , I have to pass it to all my readers, I believe all of you surely have special friends, why not you receive it and then you pass it to your readers. They will feel joyful and appreciate your kindness, am I right?
Who can take the award. The answer: the following commentators [A blessed life Hazel , Junior , Flodawn , bonoriau , iWalk , bluedreamer27 , "Hanging on a Hyphen" ...,WoW , Lynn , Our Love Story , Allure , kaushal , AngelBaby , Irtiza , Doreen , emjei , Faisal Admar , Liza , bluecrystaldude , WeblogLearner , neomesuff , waliz , lilyruth , Nessa , rizal , neferiti , Ingrid , speak in doodles , HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM , schmopper , eastcoastlife , Dori , Bernie , Toni , Joy , Silver Canyons , TrishaRitchieNC , The Mommy and Me Boutique , sho ]
and all of you.
That means
past readers,
present readers,
future readers,
nobody is excluded.
Happy blogging, please take the award and smile.


bluedreamer27 said...

how sweey of you coolingstar thank you so much

iWalk said...

Cool! Special friendship award!
You worth the name, Coolingstar9!

Our Love Story said...

oohhh... this is so sweet coolingstar... thanks for sharing this to me/us! you really are so generous! take care always... missed yah!

Doreen said...

Thanks for the award, my friend!

kaushal said...

i didn't got the award

neomesuff said...

owhhh..thank you thank youuuuuuuu...

coolingstar9 said...

You say: " i didn't got the award:("
You name had already mentioned on the lists, that's mean this special award is for you also.
Happy blogging my friend.

Actually I would like to put all people who had visited me from my first blog until this blog. If I really put it now, the name lists will be very long( few hundred blog site) for example: all commentators, all blogroll friends, all visitors through cbox,etc.
So, I just mention someone who had commented my last two posts only. This does not means the award is for them only, in flat the award is for " all people "
This friendship award is actually for all people including all visitors, readers, as I have mentioned before past, present, future readers.
That means nobody is excluded.

bluedreamer27 said...

hello there just dropping by to say have a great day

bluecrystaldude said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Thank you so much my dear friend! I really appreciate it :)

Joy said...

wow pretty award.I like it. thank you very much's my pleasure to be a part of the awarded.
Grab it. I'll grab it.

WoW said...

oh, very beautiful award :) It has been a since I received my last one. Thx Coolingstar, you simply a cool star hehe

AngelBaby said...

Wow, this is such a beautiful award! Thank you so much. I will be honored to have this on my blog.

I have tagged you on my blog so come by and see.

Love and Blessings,

Anonymous said...


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coolingstar9 said...

Our Love Story
Thanks for coming to my site to take the special friendship award. Wish all of you happy, healthy and all have a fulfilling life.

bonoriau said...

thank you very much for the great award...this really motivate me to move really cool.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for your efforts, I will study it soon. Have a fulfilling life, best wishes from coolingstar9

coolingstar9 said...

I am so happy that you spend your great time to receive the special friendship award here.
Yes, I am glad that the award can motivate you to move forward.
The key to your success is " Do not give up, keep on moving ", this is the secret of success in anything, my friend.
Happy blogging, have a great life.

Lynn said...

Wow! Thanks a lot for this. That's so nice of you. Will grab this later, ok?

Happy weekend!

coolingstar9 said...

I am so happy to see you here, thanks for your grab.
Wish you happy and healthy.

Allure said...

Thanks for this friendship award, coolingstar, I appreciate it so much. You are so sweet.

Allure said...

may i ask how can i post this? should i post all names?

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for grabing the special award.
You can put the award on your new post, just mention this award given by me. After that, you are free to write anything you like and you can give it to anyone you like.
After that, go to their site, tell them you have an award for them.
Happy blogging, allure, let's smile.
If you have any problems, please tell me, I can help.

blessedmom said... so touched're so sweet! i love the award! thanks so much! i appreciate the constant visits and your nice comments as well :) you're the best! )

Lynn said...

Finished posting this one. Check it out. I've also added u in my blogroll. Hope you'll link me up too. Thanks a lot!

Enjoy the week ahead!

coolingstar9 said...

I feel happy that you love this special friendship award.
You say:"..thanks so much! i appreciate the constant visits and your nice comments as well :) you're the best! )
I like to visit and read blogs whenever I free. If I have something to share, then I will post comments there.
Blessedmom, wish you happy and healthy.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for adding me on your blogroll, I will add you also.
Wow, you have just published the new post, thanks for telling me, I will read it.
Happy blogging, have a great life.

Faisal Admar said...

Thank you so much Cooling for the award. I really love it. You are so sweet :)

I will put it on my slide and also on my award blog. Thanks again :)

craftymug said...

Oh, thank you very much! I came here to read and see who had added me as a friend and I have found a new friend, indeed. As a new reader I will accept the award happily and pass it on. Thank you very much.
Feel free to visit my blog anytime.

coolingstar9 said...

Thank you for your visit. I am very happy that you can pass the friendship award from here.
Wish you healthy and happy.
Let's smile.

lilyruth said...

Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful award. I also am a friend of Nishas and she is a wonderful friend. This award is something special because you thought enough of me to give it to me and I shall post it on my blog thanks again my dear friend.