Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Face the new challenges and do not quit

Mr. patience is the security supervisor, he now facing the new challenges because of high expectation from the relevant new client's in charge who is responsible for the security, maintenance and cleanliness plus other relevant building management issues.
To save the cost, this building in charge let the contractors to do their own because any supervision from the maintenance staffs especially after office hours or night, but he demands security officers to check the cleanliness and any defects when contractors about to leave the premise.  
If security let the contractors just go, then security will be scolded or disciplined by building in charge.
If the security checked the works and let them go, the security will be disciplined if the works or cleanliness not satisfied by building in-charge, security will also been penalized for that.
So, in order to survive, Mr. patience now have to think hard just to follow this new sop.
And now Mr. Patience is thinking of all possible solution to overcome this new challenges. It is good to learn and adapt to the new working environment because we can not just quit and we have to face it and take the challenges
Wow, life is ready exciting. Will share with you what are the possible plan .
My superior just came down to talk to us, the summaries as below:
1. We still need to monitor her closely because we still not so familiar with the way she handling things.
2. We should not head to head with her at this moment.
3. We need to response quickly to all her queries about the work matters. If we can not get the answer straightaway, we need to tell her we need 5 or 10 minutes to check it up and revert to her, do not let her waiting because she might think of the other ways like nobody there or something else.
4. Between our group, always communicate sufficiently when taking and handing over duty.
5. Always write down on papers because human beings tend to forget.
6. Think and bring up suggestion to improve works through immediate superiors.
See you soon.

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