Monday, June 29, 2015

Security officer story

Tony Tan who is security officer told me:
' I am the security officer, currently I am on night shift duty everyday. Now I have to deal with my colleague Mr. rock, this the the security officer difficult to deal with. I have to keep cool so that I still can continue working. If I am angry at anytime dealing with him, I think I have to quit the job. Why I say this because Mr. Hard rock too busy body, too hi per active......He is the person who like to find fault. Working with this type of person, I have to be cautious at all time. Chinese say : ' small man. "
He is the person who can easily pull you in and having lots of troubles. He is too Kay PO.......working with this type of person is sickening. One day, I felt frustration and just thinking of not going to work, I applied urgent leave because I could not tar Han that day........"
But anyway, I have to carry on and be patient because life is something like that lol. "

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