Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our mind set decide our next destination

Our mind set decide our next destination. Can you imagine what type of lifestyle if we adopt the following ways. If we can act coolly whatever good or bad situation happened to us. That mean we don't be affected by all kind of situation. This is the ideal state indeed. Now We look at what lifestyle they adopt, most people are affected by good and bad situation greatly. If we adopt the cool and steady styles, we are ready the normal one.
But how to have cool lifestyle, we need to realise something to enable us wanting to have this type of cool style and this is the true normal. Yes, we can not just follow our wild desires that have no disciplines. We need to have clear mind then we have the chance to have long period of cool time or even last for whole life. We need to train up to have original mind or pure mind.
If our mind is totally pure then we have the chance to go pure land last day on this earth. If you have good mind you can go good place like heaven. But you have bad or evil mind, then you are likely going to be in evil realm, some call it hell, some call it ghost or even reborn into animals according to Hinduism and Buddhism spiritual saints. It is logical that our mind set decide our next destination. 

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