Monday, November 4, 2013

I want to go pure land

I want to go pure land. Today I listen to Master Chin Kung live talk n0. 455 Pure land drama. Master Chin Kung tell us to believe causes and effects because this is the real truth. He say that do not think causes and effects are fake, then you will be regret later. He tell us to follow and respect parents and teachers' good advice.
I ready appreciate Master Chin Kung endless and tireless advices telling us to abstain from all bad deeds.
Due to my constant stupidity, I had done a lot of bad deeds even just few minutes ago. Now, I know my time in this earth become less and less, I have to wake up now before it is too late. I know it is so fortunate to have the very good on line teacher Master Chin Kung. Master Chin Kung indeed show us the excellent example what the Buddhist must do.
Yes, Now I sincerely repent what I had done had deeds in the past. I now want to become  spiritual hero, give up all the bad habits and greedy mind set, confused mind set, abnormal mind set. I have to recite Namoamituofo now. Yes, I want to go pure land. I want to change my destiny and prepare to go pure land. Pure land blog

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