Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to break a bad habit

As long as we are human beings, we definitely have habits, some are good and some are bad. All these habits developed because of the surrounding environment like our experiences, encountering with others like friends, schoolmates, parents, teachers, TV programmes, Internet web sites, etc,etc. From all these, habits will be developed. Some are good habits whereas some are bad habits that will lead us endless suffering emotionally and physically.
Many people with bad  habits just never think of breaking it. Some lucky one can break a bad habit because some casual condition provide chances for them to break a bad habit.
How to break a bad habit usually associated with endless suffering and pain. Bad experiences sometimes can make a person suddenly come to the sense. It trigger that person to think many questions. He seeks the answer himself and ask others or looking answer from specialists, on line useful advices. sometimes he encounter new good friends giving them advice or perhaps he meet some spiritual friends.
It is not easy to break a bad habit because it was rooted in the mind deeply but we can change or transform it and break the chain. For example, if someone who are addicted on gambling and suffer great pain by losing tonnes of money, etc. How to break the chain? It need to turn to the new leaf by cultivating the new good habit. Stop the greedy mind set and build the contented life by joining other voluntarily group and learn how to help others. From there, they can gain happiness. The good habits can be cultivated in this way by joining the healthier group. Replace the negative mind by positive mind. Stop the chain by not going to Casino again, do not meet the old gambling friends so that the bad habit can gradually stopped.

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