Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vesak day Bulls are future Buddha also, stop killing

Vesak day is the important day for Buddhists worldwide. In this day, Buddhists will go to temple praying, chanting Buddha name, donation, listen Buddha teaching. Buddha and all of us are the same except he was the enlightened person. Buddha was the best example for showing us the ways of ending our suffering. Every human being is to responsible for his own action. Buddha mind and our mind are totally different but we can attain Buddhahood  or completer/true enlightening through the ways that Buddha taught us. In simple word, we ordinary human beings can not ready understand his teaching well because of our Illusion, comparison and attachment. If we get rid of all these elements completely, then we can be like Buddha full of inborn wisdom, virtues and excellency. Let's share with the unique way of BUDDHA-no killing of all kinds. Buddha told us that all are one, Buddha saw all human beings, animals, ghosts, hell beings are Buddha, the only difference is that they are deviated from enlightenment. Buddha told us the reasons why we must not kill, steal, improper sex, telling lies, alcohol,etc because all these are blocking our enlightenment. In flat only enlightened person can fully understand Buddha. Buddha told us to live beyond six realms like animal world, hell, heaven etc. We need to attain the pure state. Some people do not understand Buddhism well unless they can ask those monks who ready follow the Buddha teaching well. Let's see this Buffalo was so lucky that it was saved, thanks for the man who saved this Buffalo. Bulls are future Buddha also, stop killing

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