Thursday, January 24, 2013

Buddhism teach us the path of peace

I remember when I was the primary school student, I needed to study History. We learned about Singapore history the past and present. We also learned history about neighboring countries. We also had the chance to learn all major religions in the world. So, I had the basic knowledge about Singapore religion.
Every religions are very important for their followers because it give them the guidance in life. All religions are to upgrade people's spiritual level.
Recently I read through some religious books and I found that Buddhism teachings are very useful in our daily life. Actually Buddhism is not the religion in the earlier years and it is the philosophy telling us how to have the happier and peaceful life.
The basis is to get rid of greed, hatred ,stupidity and learn to get rid of desires like greed, and have the stable mind or meditated mind and get rid of hatred and then having the wisdom so as to get rid of stupidity.
The concept of karma tells us that We all must responsible for all our actions and this actions will affect our next life. It tells us that the life is not just present life only. We have past life, present life and future life. If we do not want to get rid of our negative mindsets, we will be living either in heaven, hell, ghost realm, animal realm, human realm according to our karma bad or good. This is called reincarnation.
All these teachings actually were taught by the awaken one Buddha. Through his teaching, we learn how to have good habits. We do not kill any animals out of compassion because all these animals might be the human in last life because of stupidity they now are animals.
After reading all these teachings, I finally find the real path of peace.

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