Wednesday, October 10, 2012

About National family Council Singapore

Singapore has National family Council. What is all about National family Council? It is good to learn especially for those who have family.
First launched in 1985, the National Family Celebrations (formerly known as National Family Week) is an important annual national event to celebrate and reinforce the importance of the family. This iconic national event is championed by the National Family Council (NFC), with strong support from the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS). The Council is a people sector-led committee that aims to promote and build resilient families in Singapore.

Through the month long Celebrations, families can take part in a wide array of interesting activities and events and spend quality time together!

Family Time Odyssey: Past. Present. Future.
The theme for National Family Celebrations 2012 (NFC’12) is Family Time Odyssey – a journey through time for youths to take with their families.

To foster appreciation of each generation in the family and to honour the times that we have spent together, this year’s activities will focus on strengthening familial bonds through time. Everyone can be a child, youth, parent or grandparent at different times of their lives, and this year’s activities are designed to encourage families to explore evolving family roles through the times. It may be a rewind back in time, or a fast-forward to the future; the aim is to take stock of the present by reflecting on the connections of the past and work together towards improved relationships in the future.

The emphasis on time this year encompasses time spent together as a family. By investing time in bonding and connecting as a family, strong foundations will be built for families to stay cohesive and resilient through the times.

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