Thursday, November 15, 2012

Upgrade spiritual level

Two years ago, one of my colleagues Mr. R was the emotional and angry type of person. Now Mr. R has changed his bad behavior and become more rational than before. The main reason was because he had joined and practiced  meditation. Mr. R gradually changed his bad behavior.
Because of the meditation, he has to always mindful what he says, acts. Through the process, he now is the better person.
Now, Mr. R had leaved us for the other new job. Yesterday I gave him the birthday gift. I put some money in the envelope and I was wondering what words to write. After few seconds, I thought it was good to encourage him for his efforts and I wrote some words on the envelope:"Upgrade spiritual level forever and happy family forever."
This morning he phoned me that he was searching some book in the library yesterday and he happened to see the book about upgrading spiritual level. He thanks me for the words.
I am happy that he had transformed and I know all these are because of positive mindset. Mindset can change our destinies. I will continue to share stories about positiveness to Mr. R.

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