Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When I am old

You are my son and daughter, I need to tell you something, please keep inside your mind. When I am old, I am no longer the strong one, please understand me and show your patience towards me.
When I am old and always pour the soup into my shirt and forget how to tie my shoe, please think of how I use my hand to teach you while you were at the younger age.
When I am old and I always repeat the words again and again, please listen patiently and do not interrupt my talk, remember I always reminded you many times or talked to you continuously until you finally fell into sleep when you are at very young age or when you are baby.
When I am old and need you to bathe for me, please do not scold me. Remember I always bathe for you when you are young.
When I am old and do not know about the new technology and new issues, please do not laugh at me or look down on me. Remember I always answer all your question about " why? " when you are young.
When I am old and unable to walk or can not walk properly due to tired, please extend your strong hand to help me move forward. Remember how I helped you when you were learning how to walk or climb when you are young.
When I am old and forget something during our conversation, please give me sometimes to think or recall back my memory. Actually it is not so important to talk anything and I just need you besides me, I will feel satisfied.
When I am old and going to the final days, you should not feel sad but please understand and support me as if how I treated you when you were in the learning stage.
My dear son or daughter, I had led you towards the brightest path when you are young. Now I am now, please accompany me during my final days. Please give me your love and patience, I will be appreciated and I will smile. The unlimited love given to you in the past can make me smile.
Remember all my friends..........when I am old

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