Sunday, April 1, 2012

Please do only good deeds

Human beings have all kings of desires. Desires can be extremely dangerous if one does not how to deal with it. Needs and desires are quite similar, for example, We need air to breathe, We need water to drink and food to eat for survival. But desires are something go beyond it. We wouldn't die if we have no desires.
Desires can be classified in two, good one or bad one. For example if you have desires to go to the university, it is the good desire. If you want to have more money but engaging in illegal means or activities, it is the bad one.
The trouble is on the bad one, it can lead to addiction and you will be emotionally downhill if your desires can not be fullfilled.
Having a decent job and keep your hard earned money is the good thing. Do not think of money fall on your bed. Say yes to all good deeds. Do not have single dot of bad things on mind. Remember having the positive mindset will lead you to peaceful and meaningful life. The great impact is that your life will be heading to brightest path and always lucks will be followed.
By now you should now why we must do good deeds. If you do not understand, please feel free to drop few lines so that I can advise you how to go to the brighter path.
Let's smile because life is always good if we know what is the truth and what is the bright paths.

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Poirot said...

It all come up to 2 questions and 2

Q1: "Who are permitted to win in
the casinos?"
A1: "Only the specially chosen

Q2: "Who are to lose money?"
A2: "Different groups of gamblers
plus the unlucky ones."