Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eat properly

People like to eat tasty food, they thought this is the great enjoyment. Yes, our tongues have the ability to taste different type of flavors. Some people never control and keep on eating, the outcome is very bad.
Many sickness appear because of eating. So, eat properly is important if we want to have healthy body. Nowadays, meats have lots of chemicals unlike 40 years ago. Some people prefer eating only meats with no vegetables. This is bad because meats contain lots of poisons. Eating vegetables can neutralize the poisons to some extent.
But the best is to eat only vegetarian foods. We can select different types of vegetarian food so that we can have different nutrients for our body.
I see more and more people eating vegetarian food not because of religious reasons but for health sake. Someone said before: " if all human beings eating only vegetarians food, no wars will occur in this world," The reason is very simple because human beings then totally get rid of cruel element.
So, we all can consider eating vegetarians food.

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