Sunday, April 8, 2012

All are good

In this world, there are so many type of religion. For me, I have the concept that all are good. Why? All religions tell people to do good deeds. The only difference is whether the follower can follow the teaching or not. If they can follow their teaching correctly, I think this will be the wonderful thing.
If we say my religion is good, other religion is evil, then our mind are not in stable state. The correct concept is that I follow my one faithfully and I am happy to see you follow your one faithfully. We must not say our one is good and other ones are bad.
I see all religion are good. All religion tell people not to steal, not to do immoral things like having abnormal affairs with others, no drugs, etc.
So, if all followers can follow practically, all will be fine. Talking good but doing bad deeds behind curtains are all useless.
Remember hatred is the enemy for all followers. For example, thinking of going to heaven and killing others is the very stupid act. We all must hug enemies not kill them.....
We all must respect all human being regardless what religions they are.
Can you say " all are good". For me I can say it loudly " all are good but I am the one bad. I mean I need to wake up and do the good deeds now. Time is limited, I have to let go now. I want to be free like the bird when I am leaving this world. No burden, no pressure, all peace within.

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Janene said...

I'm sure there are a few cult religions out there that can be described as evil, but as for the main ones, whether they be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., I think they are all fine with one no better than the other.