Saturday, March 17, 2012

First aid course

Next week I am going to attend first aid course. After the end of the first aid course, I have to take the first aid test. Before I go to attend the first course, I think it is good for me to look through the previous first aid handout and study it, so that I can better prepared for the refresher first aid course. My only aim is to pass the first aid test, that's all. I need to concentrate on first aid study these few days.
Frankly speaking I have forgotten lots related to first aid. Let me use the time to study a bit so that I feel more confident when I attend the first aid course next week.
What is first aid? Immediate assistance or treatment given to the injured or ill before arrival of an ambulances, doctor or other appropriately qualified person. Yes, I had the first aid certificate but I think this probably expired already. Even I still have the valid first aid certificate, I think I can not ready perform well if someone need my first aid help. So this is the suitable time for me to attend the first aid refresher course. After the first aid course and if I pass the test, I will be able to render first aid help to you if you need it and provided that you are near me at that time. Perhaps I can perform CPR for you. What is CPR, I will study it later, this will be the practical part. Now I study the first aid knowledge first.
What are the aims of first aid? preserve life, prevent the condition from becoming worse, promote recovery. Yes, as the first aider, I can save people' life but I must have the knowledge and skill.
Let me go straight to the different type of injuries because there will surely questions on that.
Bleeding: Type of bleeding Arterial bleeding, venous bleeding and capillary bleeding. We need to know that arterial bleeding, bright red in colour whereas venous bleeding. dark red in colour. How to give treatment for external bleeding? Direct pressure, elevation, small adhesive dressing.
What is Shock in first aid term? Insufficient blood supply o the body's vital organs. The causes are as follow heart fails to work, blood vessels dilate, reducing the blood pressure. Also blood loss or loss of other bodily fluids. How to recognise it? We can see the following sign like a rapid pulse. pale, grey-blue skin. Sweating and cold, clammy skin. The other signs like weakness and giddiness, nausea and possibly vomiting, thirst, rapid shallow breathing, restless, anxious and even aggressive. Wow, may yawn and gasp for air or unconscious.
I have to stop here first because I need to rest now. I will continue study once I wake up. Wow, so many to learn, still got 99 percent to learn. I think it is better to learn from the first aid teacher. It is better that self-study, am I right? But it is ok because I just want to refresh myself little bit before I go for the first aid course.
Pray for me, my dear readers.

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