Monday, January 9, 2012

Stephen Hawking inspire us

My friend Miss Joyce Tan is the financial planner. She likes to attend courses and make friends. She constantly needs my encouragement. Today She tell me that a psychology lecturer Mdm Lee is interested in financial planning but Joyce Tan tell me that she needs her manager to talk to Mdm Lee because She had no confidence to talk to Mdm Lee-the high fly er.

I tell her the story of Stephen Hawing and she thanks me.

Let us all learn about Stephen Hawing. Mr. Stephen Hawking is the famous scientist He is now 70 years old. When Stephen Hawking was given a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease at age 21, he was expected to live only three years. On Sunday, he turned 70.

Famous for his work on black holes, he has been one of the world’s greatest physicists despite devastating physical decline: Paralyzed from the neck down by 1970, he lost the ability to speak in 1985. He now communicates using software that translates the twitching of a muscle in his cheek into words. One sentence can take 10 minutes.

As one of the events surrounding his birthday, he gave a rare interview to New Scientist magazine. Most of it is well over the average reader’s head: The most exciting physics development in his time, he said, was the “discovery of tiny variations in the temperature of the cosmic microwave background . . . in excellent agreement with the predictions of inflation.” (This, New Scientist explains, supports the big bang theory.)

Stephen Hawking is the handicapped but he is the valued person simply because he never give up.

Let us learn from Stephen Hawking to be the valued person.

Can we? The answer is yes.

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