Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to prevent misfortunes?

Everydays we read the nespapers, we saw so many people died from sickness, car accidents, earthquakes, volcalno, get killed by others, etc.
All these misfortunes are not conincident, all got reasons.
To prevent all these misfortunes, there is some solution. Anyone who can change his abnormal mindset and start doing good deeds, then he can reduce this misfortunes.
The third law of newton stating that action is equal to reaction.
So, whatever you do bad acts or good acts, there are equal reaction bad outcome or good outcome.
Qaddafi get shot because he had done very bad acts before.
Those killed people will be facing death penalty, this is also action and reaction.
So, my reminder is stop doing bad acts now to prevent misfortunes come to you.
If you are like stone, do not believe this natural law, you will be doomed. The only difference is the timing.


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Umihoney said...

Here's wishing you a blessed and peaceful new year. May the new year brings happiness and love your way always.

Take care.

Seema B Menon said...

That is so very true my friend... as they say, "What goes around comes around". You get what you give, be it a smile or a tear. God Bless.