Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wake up call to all

Recently We all heard about the 2 years old child knocked down by vehicle. It is very sad to know that the 18 passing by never show any helping hand until the old lady saw the little child.
This was the incident telling us China is heading to the inhuman path. Whatever traditional values or moral values are lost in China. This is the total failure, what good about economic development where the caring heart is heading to the negative zone.
The whole society in China is ready heading to the darkliest path.
Somebody told me that they were worse than beasts or even hungry ghosts. They will directly go to the hell after death.
This is the wake up call to all human beings. How can human beings become so cruel? Remember this type of inhuman acts are very common in this world not just China.
Why? Human beings are too selfish, always thinking of fame, materials gain and lose the basic moral values.
Nowadays, It seems like not many people are ready follow moral values worldwide. I hope all have to wake up now.

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