Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I say sorry to you

Time is running very fast. Thinking of the past, I feel soory for my on line friend Dear Bxxxxx. I had caused her some unhappiness. I am now say sorry to her but it is unlikely She will see this post.
Few years ago I had sent the email to her. Let me take a look.

Dear bxxxx,
I wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year. I now learning how to be a man.
I know that I have already given your unhappibess in the past. I sincerely say sorry to you.
I am reading the previous mail that you sent to me. I know you are nice girl, thanks a lot, may all good things come to you.
I had received the email from her as well. Let me take a look as well.
Still sleeping?
Thanks for share my sadness n happiness.
Actually I want to give u only happiness feeling .
I m sorry. I always give u sadness feeling .
Now I feel better than yesterday..
Even I cant find a job and cant get no more stay
I can come back aga.
I think I m very lucky bcos I have a friend like u.
U give me a lot of physical n mental support.
I never forget.

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