Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time to change for the better

Most of human beings living in this world do not like to be totally godly people or Buddha like people or saint-like people.
Most people are greedy type, hatred type and stupid type.
We read news from daily newspapers, we know bad acts happened every moment.
Even some who want to do good are heading evil paths like bombing, killing others to achieve their own selfish agenda. These people are not godly people. They are the evils in the name of follow god's teachings. But I think they are learned wrongly. If they learn correctly, this world will fill with compassion, love and peace. Their enthusiasm used on the wrongs things. This is the ready pitiful fact.
Most people never ready follow their religious teachings, they go to the place of prayers but never ready do it in daily life. Some of them continue to drink, having improper sex, tell lies, cunning mindset, etc.
Can you imagine if all people follow correctly, this will be the ready better world.
Am I right?

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