Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to behave like the human?

Looking around the present world, I see this world is full of evils. Some people said that this world is something like that, wars, conflicts, killing, suppression, inhuman acts being carried out by bad people daily. How to stop all these? It seems like there is no solution now. Technology advancement only bring more misfortunes to people simply because human beings are not human.
What is the point of advancing the technology but human beings' spiritual or moral level is degrading faster than ever.
I think this is because human beings are astray already. To help save the world from destruction, we need to start learn how to be the human in the first place.
I have just read a book, student guide. I find it ready interesting and like to share it with you.
Chapter 1: At home, be dutiful to your parents.
Part 1:
When your parents call you, answer them right away.
When parents command you to do something, do it quickly.
When parents instruct you, listen respectfully.
When your parents reproach you, obey and accept their scolding, try hard to change and improve yourself and start anew.
Dear readers,
Let us study the student guide.
Chapter 1: At home, be dutiful to your parents.
Part 2:
In the winter, keep your parents warm,
In the summer, keep your parents cool.
Greet them in the morning to show them that you care,
At night be sure that they rest well.
Before going out, tell your parents where you are going, as parents are always concerned about their children.
After returning home, see your parents to let them you are back, so parents do not worry about you.

My view:
All the good habits are cultivated through proper guidance. Parents must start to learn how to guide their kids at home. If parents do not know the skills, I think their kids probably will become the bad one just like what we see so many hooligans, bad kids, etc.
Parents themselves must show good examples. If parents never behave well, then you should not expect the kids are good later in life. It is impossible to have good kids if parents are behave badly.
We need to give our love to parents with sincerity. We do things that do not let them worry. In other words, we should do our very best to give joy to parents. If we can do that, then we should further extend the care to others. Let's start at home first.
We have to instill good values to those who are young. They should learn how to respect parents.
This should be two way channel. Parents know the ways to teach their kids. Kids should know how to respect and love parents.
It is the lies if a person say he loves his friends but never love his parents in the first place.
Yes, time to learn how to behave like the human. This is the urgrnt job for all of us. Please do not take it lightly and simply ignore it like nobody business.
Let's start to learn how to behave human again.
see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Coolingstar9: It's one thing for kids to obey their parents and all but it still takes good parenting skills to raise up kids like that. I wish parents good luck in that.

Janene said...

Parenting is a difficult job but, if done well, does reap big rewards. A child-parent relationship without respect going both ways is sad, and doesn't speak well for the child's future.