Monday, June 20, 2011

One entity

In this world, there are someone who always can give us some enlightenment in life. Let's learn something from Mr. Chin Kung's teaching.
We hope that all the different races and religions can treat one another equally
and live in harmony, and that we hold the same ideals and understanding.
1. All the ancient saints and sages are positive that a man’s self-nature is good.
2. All living beings have Buddha nature.
3. All things have Dharma nature.
4. We are positive that our true self-nature can see, hear, feel and is all-knowing.
5. We are positive that our true self-nature is pure, perfectly good,
compassionate, and grateful.
6. All beings originally were able to live in harmony, and treated each other
7. All beings originally tolerated one another, and were able to love and respect
one another.
8. All beings originally trusted each other with true sincerity, and showed concern
for one another.
9. All beings originally took care of one another, and co-operated with one
10. Our mind give rise to the whole universe, our body fills everywhere transcending
space and time.
11. Do what virtue and morality call for you to do, holding sincerity in your
mind and do away with all evil.
12. Learn to be a teacher for all and act as a model for the world to follow.

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