Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kind to animals

Human beings sometimes are ready stupid and cruel, they act worse than beasts. I believe this type of people who possess cruel mindset will surely encounter misfortunes sooner and later. They surely can not escape from punishment. We need to be kind to animals so as to prevent something cruelty to us. Remember action brings reaction as well.
I just read the yahoo news that someone treat animal so cruelly, let's read the news and please do not follow the footsteps to prevent self-destruction.

Animal rights activists and thousands of members of the public expressed outrage Wednesday over a photo on Face book showing a puppy pegged to a clothes line in the Philippines. How come they never kind to animals? I think because of mindset problems.

The photo was apparently posted by a young Filipino man on his Face book account, where he initially ignored reprimands by pet lovers and boasted he would not be jailed for "washing" his dog.

The photo showed a small puppy hanging by five plastic pegs to a clothes line.

After going viral on the Internet, the link was picked up by animal rights activists, including the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which launched an investigation.

"We hope that Philippine prosecutors will take action and prosecute this young man," PETA legal officer Agnes Tam told AFP.

"This is not child's play, this is blatant animal cruelty."

Tam said her organisation had asked police and their local counterparts to help search for the man, who according to his Face book page lives in a suburban area south of Manila.

While she acknowledged that Internet pranks were common, Tam said she believed it was not a hoax.

The controversy also made national television news, and the man behind the Face book site took down the offensive photos on Wednesday while offering an apology.

"I hope you could forgive me and I promise it would never happen again," he wrote on his Face book site on Wednesday morning.

However, thousands of people within the Face book community refused to forgive, signing up to a plethora of new pages dedicated to expressing their outrage against him.

"Forgive? Never," wrote Melvin John Girado, warning the puppy pegger that he was being hunted down by his college fraternity brothers.

A 1998 law bans cruelty to animals, which is punishable by up to two years in jail.

That law is seldom enforced to its full extent.

However a Manila court last month ordered a university student who tortured and killed a cat, then bragged about it on his online diary, to perform community service.

Let's be kind to animals. If we want to prevent cruelty happened to us, we must not treat animals cruelly, we have to be kind to animals. But We need to be kind to human beings at first.

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Great blog! I really appreciate your thinking and your blog is very interesting. we should be kind to Animals. Thanks for sharing.