Monday, November 14, 2011

Mother love

Yesterday I heard some conversation in the bus while going for work. I could feel the mother love from their conversation.
The mother about 45years old talked to his 7-8years son:" are now learning English but you have to study Chinese and mandarin also because we are Chinese. We have to know our own language. You have to learn Chinese language properly, understand? "
Son:" Yes, mother."
Mother:" the good teacher, She is the responsible and caring teacher. She teaches your with the heart, you must appreciate that, understand?"
Son:" Yes, She is the good teacher. Mom, I want to borrow some CD from library."
Mother:" Oh, some of the CD are not properly taken care of, it might spoil our CD player. We must take good care of CD if we want to borrow it"
Son:" Yes, mother."
Mother:" The teacher have told me that your performance in school is improving. Son, We learn things must be persistent, do not give up half way."
Son:" I never give up....."
Before dropping bus, the mother reminded her son to remember to tap off the card so as not to pay maximum bus fares.
Wow, my readers, you see how caring the mother.
Mother must be like that, what is your view?

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