Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tai Shang Gan Ying Pian

Let's study the part three of Tai Shang Gan Ying Pian--
You are monitored every moment beyond your imagination.
Further, there are the three councilor;
spirit-lords of the northern constellation,
residing above the heads of the people,
recorders of men's crimes and sins,
cutting off terms of from twelve years to a hundred days.
Further, there are the three body-spirits
that live within man's person.
Whenever Kêng Shên day comes,
they ascend to the heavenly master
and inform him of men's crimes and trespasses.
On the last day of the month
the Hearth Spirit,: too, does the same.
Of all the offences which men commit,
the greater ones cause a loss of twelve years,
the smaller ones of a hundred days.
These their offences, great as well as small,
constitute some hundred affairs,
and those who are anxious for life everlasting,
should above all
-----------------------end of part three---------------
My friends, we are all monitored in this ways according to this famous book.
As long as we never do bad things, we should not worry at all. Only those who have no shame, they will get what he supposed to get sooner or later.
Please do not take it lightly thinking that doing bad deeds can escape from all these. If you are thinking that, you will regret one day and it is too late. This is the sincere reminder. If you are stubborn, you will get burned.
What is your view about part three?
avoid them.

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