Friday, December 10, 2010

Sanzi Jing

Let's study the part five of Sanzi Jing-Great reminder to all human beings.
犬守夜 雞司晨 苟不學 曷為人
The dog guards the night; the rooster proclaims the dawn. If, negligently, you do not study, how can you become people?
蠶吐絲 蜂釀蜜 人不學 不如物
The silkworm produces silk, the bee makes honey. If one does not study, what is the use of being human?
幼而學 壯而行 上致君 下澤民
When young, study; when grown up, perform. Influence the sovereign above, benefit the people below.
揚名聲 顯父母 光於前 裕於後
Make a name for yourselves; honor you father and mother. Shine light on your ancestors, bring prosperity to your descendants.
人遺子 金滿嬴 我教子 惟一經
People bequeath to their children chests full gold. I teach children, only one classic.
勤有功 戲無益 戒之哉 宜勉力
Diligence has merit; play has no advantage. Guard against it; exert your strength.
-----------------------------end of part five of Sanzi Jing-------------------------
Wow, the part five of Sanzi Jing reminded us to study well and behave properly in our daily life.

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