Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good films actress

Do you like to be the actor or actress? Many people would like to be actors or actress because they want fame, money, etc.
But what type of roles they are acting?
Sadly to say, these actors or actress performing lots of violent act, sex and many unhealthy scenes.
Do these films helping audiences building up positive mindset? The answer is no. They are doing bit by bit to pollute people' mind especially those teenagers will badly affected. All these films only lead people to the path of evil.
There is the actress made up her mind not to act all these roles any more.
What made her change her mind?
This was because she had attended the talk about traditional moral values. She now already the very good woman. She had changed her fate.
My friends, if you want to be actor/actress, please do not act those roles that can influence or spoil people' mindset. You can act those roles that can lead people to the path of brightness. Please do not pull others to the hell.


Anonymous said...

Approvingly your article helped me altogether much in my college assignment. Hats off to you dispatch, choice look audacious for more cognate articles soon as its sole of my pet issue to read.

coolingstar9 said...

I do not know how to address you. Perhaps you can write your name within the comment column.
Thanks for your encouragement and I will continue to post something positive here.
Wish you always happy, healthy.

Anonymous said...

The actors or actresses are but only ordinary people who know their art and are trying to put bread on the table via the tool of entertainment.

Like everyone, they deserve an unprejudiced platform to express their art.

If every actor or actress chooses only to act in roles that can lead people to the path of brightness, there will distinction between the good and evil. Such a notion is unrealistic in the material world of sins.

An actor's job is to entertain while it is the educator's to teach and share.

coolingstar9 said...

The good news are that there are some good film director who are spreading the goodness.
We need this type of film directors spreading the goodness or moral values.

lordsomber said...

I agree with 2nd anonymous. Actors may well be talented, but aside from entertaining they can be ignorant.

"An actor's job is to entertain while it is the educator's to teach and share."