Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do not harm animals

My friend told me that he is now no longer harming animals. Why made him doing this is because he had watched the film " Why we should not eat animals? "
We can see how cruel human beings treating animals.
1. Killing shark-Fishermen use the sharp knife to cut the shark fan. After that, they put back the injured shark to the sea. The shark will surely suffer many hour before death.
2. Killing sea lion-The hunter use the hard stick to beat the sea lion. After the sea lion is motionless, the hunter quickly cut the sex organ. After that, the hunter throw the sea lion to the icy water. Wow, can you imagine how suffering these sea lions have to endure before death?
3. Killing whale-use the big net or using canon to kill the whale. Let the whale drowning until death.
4. Killing monkey-cut away the top of head and eat the living brain. The monkey keep on screaming.
We can see how cruel human beings. All these people with no compassionate heart are the pitiful people, why?
They will surely get the cruel treatment somewhere sometimes. Why? The law of nature will not spare them, these killers will get the fair treatment and have the chance to experience the pain or great sufferings one day because they ask for it.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

One Woman said...

I disagree with the way some animals are killed, but I would never dream of giving up meat. Just too tasty. :)

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for visiting this blog site.

One woman,
Yes, sad to know that some animals are killed in such horrible ways.
For health reasons, I had stopped eating meats since January 2010. I have more strength than before and I can sleep well every night.

Rob said...

Having balanced up the two arguments I have decided that I am a 'conscientious omnivore'. This means that I try to eat more vegetables than meat (for moral, dietary and environmental reasons) but that I also eat meat if the animal was kept and slaughtered in a humane fashion. The problem is that this is almost impossible to find out. What we all need to do, whatever country you reside in, is pressure law-makers to require better labelling of food, and the illegalisation of cruelty to animals.

Rob (

Rob said...

Hi cooling star. Good site.

You should read stuff by Peter Singer on this. He addresses the subject very well.

There are both health and moral concerns on either side of the argument (environmental too). For example the Dalai Llama tried to give up meat but was forced to start eating it again due to health problems. We don't know why some people are healthier with omnivore diets and other with vegetarian ones but that seems to be the way it is. On the moral side there are a great deal of arguments against eating meat, a few of the extreme ones you've already listed. In fact a vast amount of the pork, chicken, and many other mainstream types of animal that we eat from day to day have been mistreated. Yet on the other hand what would happen if we all went vegetarian? Economies would crash as meat farmers suffered. Black markets would emerge as people refused to change. Whole livestocks would have to be slaughtered or allowed to starve to death because we haven't got the countryside anymore to sustain them.