Friday, June 5, 2009

Susan Boyle

Britain got talent's competition was just over. Miss Susan Boyle was second place, this was the great achievement indeed.
Why so many like to watch her singing on YouTube over and over again because She is the great singer.
While She went to the stage first time, reactions from the Judges and audiences looked suspicious.
The judge Mr. Simon asked Susan Boyle: " How old are you?. Susan Boyle replied:" 47 years old." Simon's expression looked like She would fail.
After Susan sang for few seconds, We could hear clapping sound and surprised look from the Judges and audiences. Wow, Susan' beautiful voices proved them wrong.
The scene set us thinking?
Susan Boyle, you are great.
No.4 site I have just visited, one of the posts about Susan Boyle worth reading.
Please visit it and have the nice day.


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