Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New challenge

My friend told me that she had participated the programme--reading e-mail and get credit [ money ]. I was wondering whether is it true. Then, She told me that it was 100% true because her friend had already collected the cheque.
Few days later, my friend sent an invitation e-mail to me. In order to see what was that, I also joined this. The sign up was easy and totally free.
Actually the company sent us the business advertisements through e-mail few times a week. For me, I enjoyed viewing it because I like to learn something new. Yesterday, I checked the amount is about $1.
In order to earn more, we need to invite more friends to join. I have just sent out three invitation to my friends, two of them have already accepted.
I am going to send some invitation to some blogging friends. If you happen to receive e-mail from me, hope you can try it out, it is totally free.
If you never receive e-mail from me, you can join here through the following link. http://www.emailcashpro.com/?r=Tan888
Please do not think the amount is small, every cents count. This is the new learning experience. Challenge yourself whether you are able to refer it to your friends. If you ready can refer it to 20 person, you will become gold member. It surely rocks.
This is a small starts, big success is always start from small. Hope you take the small challenge. Why not?

Regards, coolingstar9
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nisha said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog dear.. i will check out the link soon:)

Bluedreamer said...

hmmm sounds interesting ill check on that
have a great day coolingstar

bluedreamer27 said...

hello coolingstar
have a great day just dropping by again

Faisal Admar said...

Coolingstar, I agree with you every cent counts. I will view the link later :)

bluedreamer27 said...

hello cooling star done posting your award in my blog
thank you so much my friend
you can check it here

bluedreamer27 said...

hello coolingstar thank you for the award im done posting it on my blog at www.tagstagstags.blogspot.com
have agreat day

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for the visit. Wish you all the best.

coolingstar9 said...

Faisal Admar,
Yes, we need to treasure even cents only.
Every cent counts, wish you happy, wealthy and healthy.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for the visit.
Glad to know that you have taken the award.
I will visit your sites soon.
Have a great day, bluedreamer.

Lynn said...

heard about this stuff from a friend - get paid for reading email but i never really got the chance to check it out. perhaps later.

good day to u coolingstar! :)