Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Movie 2008 Stephen chow' s CJ7

Hong Kong Superstar Steven Chow finally make his fans happy, because of his new film CJ7 is going to be shown on theatre.
His fans waiting for his new film almost four years after the last film-Kung Fu Hustle (year 2004)
Some fans saw this movie and enjoyed it. For me, i like to watch his movies simply because Stephen Chow has a great sense of humour!
The movie is basically about a young boy and his father, who are poor but uphold good morals and ethics (we may be poor, but we don't steal, fight etc.). The father is a construction worker and doesn't want his kid to wind up like him, so the boy attends a very expensive high class school, but to compensate they live in a falling apart building and his father gets all his clothes etc. from the garbage dump.
One day the father finds something there that he gives to his son, this (CJ7) changes their lives, for the better.
There are some scenes that nearly made people cry also , like the teacher won't let the poor boy near him because he thinks he's so dirty! And the boy's a great little actor .
Fortunately, i am going to watch this film on 07-02-2008. I hope you'll get a chance to watch it also.


bluedreamer27 said...

wow stephen is one of the greatest comedy action hero icon whwew such a long term to describe him well i was a fan of him i love his shaolin soccer and kung fu hustle

mr_viruz said...

stephen chow was a great comedian i like his comedic style he make me laughed alwys

coolingstar9 said...

You also like comedy show.
wow stephen is one of the greatest comedy action hero icon.
You are a fan of him and you love his shaolin soccer and kung fu hustle.
I also watched this film few years ago, quite entertaining indeed.
Have a nice day.

coolingstar9 said...

Wow , you like to watch his show also. I believe he has lots of fans workdwide.
Have a nice day.