Thursday, January 10, 2008

Words of wisdom change his life

There were many stories that some one totally changed his life because of reading or hearing words of wisdom.
Many years ago in the prison cell, there was an ex-prisoner who asked for a toilet paper due to answering the natural. Because of no toilet paper available, the other prisoner gave him a piece of paper instead of toilet paper .
That ex-prisoner discovered that this piece of paper actually was one of the page of Bible. He read it and found some words of wisdom. Suddenly, he realized that he had wasted time in doing meaningless things in the past. He decided to do something good for the society in the future.
After he was released from the prison, he turned to a new leaf and his life totally changed for the better.
He started to help , encourage the other ex-prisoners to have the healthy life style and not to be addicted on drugs again.
From this real example, it is true that words of wisdom can help change human life for the better.

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