Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome tourists

Tourism industries are booming now. It is very convenient to travel to other countries in a shortest time by plane, the distance is no longer a barrier.
There are so many places of interests in any part of the world. Many countries have set up tourism board for promoting tourism, it generates income for the country.
Travel is really an enjoyable thing. Besides learning other countries' culture, lifestyle, viewing wonderful landscape, it brings us relaxation as well.
Tourism is a global entertainment activity and also famous global enjoyment for everyone. Tourists need to use transportation services such as cruise ships , taxis, buses, etc. Tourists will stay in hotels, eat at restaurants and visit entertainment venues, spas and resorts.
Tourism is recommended for mental health and relaxation from modern volatile life style.
During school holidays, people always like to make a holiday trips to wonderful destinations.
It is good to travel either short or long trip based on your budget.

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usasianhot said...

HI! I'm Tess. Thank you for your nice comment to my blog. I went to Singapore last 2006. Singapore is very clean country. I love what wrote in your blog.