Sunday, January 6, 2008

Make money on line

If you have a computer at home, you can easily make money through your computer. Recently, some one have suggested to me that we can earn extra money through the following internet job.
1. Write review-----you can read books, magazines, articles, after that you write a review or report and submit to the specified web site. you can earn more money if more people read your report and definately some of them will click the relevant advertisement and you will get some portion of revenues.
2.Read e-mail------Some web site will pay you for reading e-mail.
3.Data entry job----you will be paid for specified data entry assignment.
4.Set up your own web site
a. selling your own products / services.
b. selling other people products / services or partnership with other products. you need to install pay pal or other related payment method on your web site for payment. of course, you must promote your web site either using AdWords or others. Selecting effective keywords is very important for ranking. It involves search engine optimisation.
I know there are many more, I would like to have a first-hand experience on some of the above-mentioned.


JonatsGonats said...

hi cooling*9.

do you happen to have tried or experienced doing any of those above you've mentioned... especially data entry jobs or writing reviews.

i know ReviewMe is one site that have you get paid by reviewing sites, services...

coolingstar9 said...

As I mentioned, I am exploring various ways.
I will tell you the outcome how much I have earned in the future.
Have a nice day.