Friday, December 7, 2007

Giving a helping hand

Recently, I set up a website with limited feature just wanted to learn something new. one of my Philippines friends Magarita asked me to help her find a better job. She requested me to advertise for her on my web site. I then giving her a helping hand by placing a free advertisement for her.
Few days later, my friend Grace happened to drop by my web site and wanted to place an advertisement for her business. likewise I help placing a free advertisement for her.
Grace noticed that Magarita needs a job on my web page. Grace would like to offer the job for her. Grace asked my permission whether she can e-mail Magarita for the job offer given to her. I told her that she can go ahead. Grace eventually e-mail my friend Magarita. Magarita also shown great interest on the business proposal after reading the e-mail. I believe Magarita will take the challenge to join Grace's business network.
Helping others indeed is a happiest thing in life, I wish I can help more people. If you are interested to earn extra income, Please tell me, thanks.


idealpinkrose said...

hi! thanks for visiting my site! nice blog here!

芒果安娣 said...


coolingstar9 said...

Thanks, I will do my best to write more blogs, hope you always visit my site to give me moral support.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for your encouragement, I will do my best, May all good things come to you and your family.

Bhaanu said...

Nice blog here, mine is also in its infancy. I'll keep visiting ya!! Hope to see you back at my blog once in a while;)

margs said...

hi iam,

cool, hahaha..thanks for the story..hmmm..goodluck!enjoy!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Coolingstar9, that’s a great ending. Congratulations! Keep up your great job and Happy New Year to you too.