Monday, May 9, 2016

learn english

My English is ready poor, I think I have to learn bit by bit so that my English wouldn't become rusty. Since there are a lot of report about Bukit batok by election. Why not I learn some English from the speeches or text from Mr. Chee soon juan.
Let me go to Mr. Chee soon juan's face book and learn some English from his recent words. I think this is very exciting learning English in such a manner.
Chee soon juan said on his face book as below:
"I spent a quiet day with my family after the thank-you parade yesterday morning. After a difficult evening the night before, having them next to me was all I wanted.

For me, this by-election was not just a political campaign, it was an experience that, despite the electoral loss, has given me much to celebrate and be grateful for. Having the opportunity to get to know the residents of BB and, more importantly, become a part of the community is a distinct privilege.
Being inspired by so many of you not just from BB but from all over the country, the kind words that you gave – sometimes loudly, other times softly but always sincerely – were nourishment for the spirit. To the many of you who stayed with us after the disappointing results were announced, my eternal gratitude.
And, finally, working with the proud and dedicated men and women of the SDP has enriched me beyond measure and I hope made me a better person.
Politics is not just about a contest between candidates. Politics should be part of our lives because it determines the kind of life we live, the society we build and the future we aspire to.
Unfortunately, through years of heavy-handed political control, large swathes of our society have been De-politicized. As I said during the campaign, this will have grave consequences for our country going ahead. It is already exacting a heavy toll.
This is why our work has not ended, our promise is yet to be fulfilled. We will continue on with the long journey and we will finish it, one determined step at a time."
Now I am reading between the line.
.... having them next to me was all I wanted.......Yes, sit down and enjoy the family life is the joyful thing in life. In the family, we all can enjoy peaceful life, all know each others, all care each others, all will console each others when one of them down. Indeed, family members are the truly sincere one.
....become a part of the community is a distinct privilege.......Yes, having chances to interact with people, we not only know the aspiration of people also let others know about us better. so, having chances is important in our life, our, the golden chance to have such experiences is ready good.
.... has enriched me beyond measure and I hope made me a better person......
Yes, life need to go on and we correct our mistakes if we have any. To become better person so as we can bring happiness to others even enemies

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