Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BTO Exercise and 3Gen flats

Singapore government is now constantly reviewing many existing policies, this is ready the good moves, it show that government wouldn't just stick to the old policies always. The government is now more sensitive in reading people' mind but of course government will study carefully before implementing new polices. We have to thumb up this and not always pour cold water to the government. BTO exercise will be reviewed from time to time so as to better serve the residents. BTO Demands are continually high recently. I think if 8000 persons apply BTO flats, then the authorities must provide more BTO flats and those who had applied before must be assured a BTO flat. For example, if those who were not successful in the pervious BTO exercise, then they all must be assured the success on the next BTO exercise.
According to Mr. Khaw Boon Wan, singles applicants are many, as at 1700hrs Wednesday, 7800 applications were received. So, I think it is fair to let them all having flats on this or the latest next BTO exercise, it is no point to let them wait and wait until the no, 3, 4, 5, 6 BTO exercise.
It is about the same as July BTO exercise. According to CNA news, Mr Khaw said the authorities will ramp up two-room BTO supply in non-mature estates to 5,000 units next year to address demand.
The Housing and Development Board's 84 units of 3Gen flats have attracted some 300 applications.
National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan revealed this in a blog post on Wednesday evening, saying it is a good start to the new scheme.
His comment comes ahead of the closing of the September Build-To-Order (BTO) exercise at midnight.
He added that the authorities have deliberately bundled 3Gen flats together with five-room flats.
This way, those who could not select a 3Gen flat will have the additional option of choosing a five-room flat.
He said alternatively, applicants could wait for the November BTO exercise, which will include about 100 units of 3Gen flats in Jurong West.
In the September BTO, the authorities have also rolled out another pro-family measure -- the enhanced multi-generation priority scheme (MGPS).
This allows parents to apply for three-room flats in addition to a studio apartment or a two-room flat
Mr Khaw said there has been encouraging response from 42 pairs of MGPS applications.
Among the MGPS applications, nine out of 10 parents applied for a three-room flat.

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