Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nick Vujicic motivates people

SINGAPORE: The world most famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic finally come to Singapore to motivate people that hope is possible in the life. I first knew about Nick Vujicic was from You Tube video. He has been the motivation speaker for sometimes, he went to schools to give his Inspiration speeches. With no arms and legs, he shown to audiences that he can still mange the daily life with positive attitude. Nick Vujicic continued to spread his message of hope on the second day of his visit in Singapore when he gave inspirational talks to both employees and business leaders.
Born without limbs, the 30-year-old Australian has been travelling across the world to share his story and speak to people about the value and purpose of life.
On Friday morning, Vujicic gave a talk to MediaCorp staff and shared this piece of advice.
Vujicic said: "If your network of people doesn't try to find more positive news stories, then who will? It's always easy to find a bad story because bad news spread more than good news. I'm not the only inspirational guy in Singapore. I've been inspired by many people in Singapore! There are Singaporeans who have inspired me, wheelchairs and no wheelchairs. There are people in this nation who are inspiring. Continue to go out and find those stories."
Vujicic also gave a lunch talk to business leaders on how big corporations can inspire through social responsibility.
He said: "Don't forget that one of the greatest things to keep up your morale in your company, in your employees, is to understand we are making a difference. And we are not just making a difference for our bosses, not just making a difference for our company. We are making a difference in this nation to build up that company, to build up that nation, to employ more people so that other families have a greater opportunity in life that they have full education, and then all of us become a contributing, generous member of society."
His words of advice were well received.
Casey Teh, managing director Simmons, said: "The most important thing is what he shared being a CEO and head of a company, about the power of delegation. I think that is something that is very applicable to a lot of us who are heading a company."
For Walt Disney Studios Singapore's Managing Director Robert Crockett, Vujicic's advice left a deep impression of him.
"As an employer, let employees have balance in life, and respect their balance," said Crockett.
This is Vujicic's seventh trip to Singapore. On September 7, he will be spreading his message of hope to some 5,000 people.
The motivational speaker intends to take a break next year from his speaking engagements, to focus on one of his top priorities - spending time with his family. Information from Channelnewasia.

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