Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Keep cool

Lim said :" yesterday I was so angry because of one of the colleagues challenging me. As the security supervisor I felt humiliated and I also burst out at that moment.
This colleague is ready the trouble maker. Early morning , this colleague I called him Mr. Hot. He said day shift Mr. O not coming to work according to information from his good friend Mr. A. I acknowledged it.
Later Mr. Hot told me to tell the day shift lady Mr. S to take over him. That's ok.
At about 7.10 am, this trouble maker Mr. Hot asked me who going to replace Mr. O. I told him so far I never receive any message from Mr. O officially, normally he will message manager , he will only message me if the manager never responded. After I said this, this Mr. Hot said : " As the supervisor you should know who is coming to replace him."
At that moment my mind thinking this idiot Mr. Hot tried to tell me what to do, I became agitated.
At 0715am, I received message drom Mr. O " who is coming?.I asjed him if you called manager, he said :" Yes, no response.| I was thinking this : In the first place you never message me, then later the message was who was coming. I also not bother to answer him but I messaged Manager that who was coming to replace  him. In flat one officer already reported to site, Manager said : no man, going to find."
At 0730 am, one technician came down and he said Mr. Hot made so much noise at the counter, what happened. At that time the day shift supervisor ( Mr. hot's good friend ) also entered. I said that fellow made so much noise because Mr. O only messaged me at 0715am, how i know who is coming? this Mr. Hot so hot and of course I can not keep quiet and I also become hot.|Fucking idiot.|    
At 0740 am I about to go home and I saw Mr. Hot. I said| : just down u make me blood circulation, bery good. He said : I will fuck.| At that time I said I had already informed lady officer to take over you and already messaged manager who was coming, what u want some more? u see me easily been eaten ? I saw his reaction like to to fight and quickly go home. Luckily one officer at the scene, if not something might be happened.
At 0745 am , i passed by counter and I asked lady officer did you take over him on tine, she said yes. I told her just down he made so much noise about  taking duty issue and Mr. O absence issue. The lady feedback to me that I never helped photostat some forms and she told him it is not my fault because the new card prevent me to access to the copy function.
After hearing this I called manager about all these I said to him that I will fuck Mr. Hot from now onwards just to let you know.

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