Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Little India riot

Little India riot attract many attention these few days. People talked about this incident, this is the hot topic of discussion this week. Why this is the so hot news because Singapore has no riots in the past four decade.
This Little India riot gives us some lesion that peace is not something natural. Those who were against the law will be charged in court if they were arrested. Those who damaged the properties like Police cars, Ambulance vehicle will be dealt with if they were caught.
Singapore is the small country, the government will definitely do something to prevent such things happen again. Yes, We need peaceful environment here. Little India riot's issue will be handled by the authorities and the complete and detailed information will be revealed sooner.
Those who are found guilty, those likely their backside will be canned. The canning experience will make them remember for whole life. The end result, 53 people will be sending back their home land because they never obeyed the instruction from duty police officers. 28 People will be charged in court.
This is the lesson for other foreign workers. Be the nice person, do not do violent acts like burn cars, damage things and just follow law and stay calm, everything will be ok. Little India Riot wake up many people. Hope there is no riots again.