Friday, November 1, 2013

Moral education needed urgently

Moral education needed urgently in Singapore. Recently  we also hear about high profile people doing many immoral acts. School principle did immoral act, high profile civil servants never followed code of conducts. This is the saddest occurrence. Men were caught having immoral acts with teenage girls. Yes, men should be charged and blamed. How about those teenage girls think teenage girls must be educated on proper moral behaviours as well. They must be charged as well. I think schools, medias can instil moral values. It is good to have one moral channel or radio so as people have the chance to learn all these moral values to prevent the similar immoral acts coming often.
I think people nowadays are greatly influenced by western immoral values. They just follow their desires blindly. It is true that people will follow their desires blindly unless there is some healthy messages instil to them. If not they are likely to do immoral acts especially in this age whereas all kinds of web site can be accessed through Internet. Because of so call " freedom ". it will pollute human beings mind set. Many web site are operated by immoral human beings, what they concern are just earn money, they simply do not care what our mind set polluted or not. Few days ago, I read about the news that foreign dating site is coming to Singapore soon to promote  having more sex partners. If the authority never do something to block this type of immoral web site, then we can expect more and more immoral acts being reported on newspapers and the cases reported on newspapers just simply the numbers and the reality is the whole lots will be doing immoral acts behind the scenes. Now We are waiting to see the authority any measures to counter the immoral waves coming gradually and slowly. Moral education needed urgently in Singapore.
I think it is good to have one centralised moral education channel so as we all have the chances to study and learn the good common moral values, it will tell us what are wrong and right. If not, our mind will be full of immoral materials and time to have healthy moral education programmes. I hope to see such things happening so as our next generation can be saved before it is too late.

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