Friday, May 29, 2015

Xie Shaoguang the awaken hero

Xie Shaoguang is now the monk. I am very happy to know that he is entering to the gate of enlightenment. Time is running very fast, he left the showbiz at about 43 years old, now Xie Shaoguang is 51 years old  Xie Shaogaung indeed the awaken hero. It is the luck for him to learn Buddha teaching and let go all worldly worries and desires. Of course, Xie Shaoguang will feel joyful internally. Xie Shaoguang had been learning Buddha teachings for many years especially Xie Shaoguang left Mediacorp 8 years ago. From the ways Xie Shaoguang did, we know that he was ready understand the essence of Buddha teachings. He does his best to take care animals like stray dogs and cats, injured animals like  deer, etc. Buddha told us not to hurt any animals, kindness to all not just human beings. Xie Shaoguang is the low profile person, I had seen him acting in year 1991 when I was the acting extras. He was very friendly and quite person then. On 16th September 2013, Xie Shaoguang was ordained at the Golden Citizen Welfare  organization which is situated at Pontian, Johor, two hundred people attended this blissful event. Xie Shaoguang is now called Shao Guang Shi Xion.
According to Mypaper quotes : "...Le Shan Shi Xiong said in Mandarin: "I've known Xie for over a year now. He is a quiet person and doesn't talk much. We usually talk about Buddhist studies.
"We don't talk about his past in show business, he has already let go of that."
That claim was further substantiated when reporters approached Xie for comments in person in Malaysia but only to be politely declined.
Xie said in Mandarin in response to the comments: "You know I do not interact with the media all along, so I am unable to help you in any way. Sorry about it."
Ilo Ilo director Anthony Chen was also given a similar treatment initially when he approached Xie to star in his award-winning movie -- the former actor didn't show up after Chen waited three hours to meet him in Malaysia.
However, he managed to move Xie thanks to a note and a DVD of his previous works and the latter made contact a few days later.
Speaking to Lianhe Wanbao, Chen recounted his meting with Xie: "The Xie Shaoguang whom I saw seemed to have entered another realm altogether. He has seen the entire entertainment industry and does not miss it. He'll never look back." "
Let's see the recent news before he become the monk. Xie Shaoguang was the skilful actor in Mediacorp channel 8 drama series. During the years in Mediacorp, he was a low profile actor but showed passion in acting. Because of his extremely skilful acts, he was awarded many titles like five best actor awards, two best supporting actor award.
In his heyday, Xie bagged an impressive 19 awards over a 16-year career, which included five Best Actor and two Best Supporting Actor wins at the annual Star Awards.
He is also the only actor in local showbiz history to snag the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards in the same year in 1996, for the Last Rhythm and Golden Pillow respectively.After quitting the acting scene, he runs a pet shelter and a vegetarian food court Three O Cafe.
What he’s up to now: After hanging up his thespian spurs in 2005, Xie Shaoguang moved to a small town in JB called Permas Jaya. There,   a vegetarian eatery where he’s also the chef. We hear he lives in a temple in the area. Contrary to popular belief, he hasn’t become a monk; instead, he devotes his time to studying Buddhism. Xie Shaoguang finally has the meaningful life. Great congratulation to Xie Shaoguang the awaken hero. Well done Xie Shoaguang. From his passion and focus, Xie Shaoguang will brighten many human beings especially those who are still struggling for the worldly desires and those are lost in the direction. I hope one day Xie Shaogyang can share with us the essence of Buddha teaching. Namoamituofo to all readers, May Buddha bless you forever happy and free from illusion, discrimination and attachment.
My friend told me is it because he was facing something bad that trigger Xie Shaoguang to be the monk. I told him that become monk is the great deed that very few people know. Why? Because the monk is the spiritual hero. Many people just come and go and never ready " understand " what life is.

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