Monday, September 30, 2013

New measure for Singapore Public Officers

Singapore government is very concern about the integrity of Public Service and now Singapore government has just announced the new measures to reinforce it. Singapore has two Casinos that attract many foreign and local visitors. For local visitors like Singaporeans and Permanent residents, they have to pay $100 a day for the entrance fees, it last for 24hrs. For those who always go Casinos, they can buy a whole year entrance ( annual pass to Casino about $2000.
Now, the government is going to enforce new measures for all public officers for entering Singapore two Casinos. I think government had already studied the Casinos related social issues before implementing it. I think it is good so as to remind all Public offices to know what are their roles as Public Officers.
Declaration-Government needs to keep track those Public Officers who visit local Casinos more than four times a month and those who buy an annual pass, they need to declare within seven days.
Tighten rules for certain groups of officers will being applied also. It includes Public Officers holding posts that expose them to the danger of being tempted or exploited or their misconduct will have the obvious damage to the images of Public services in Singapore. Wow, they have to declare each visit within Seven days. Quote from CNA/ir "A group of Public Officers will be prohibited from entering Casinos unless it is part of their job scope. They are those who enforce operations in the local casinos, or regulate the activities of or negotiate business arrangements with the local casino operators.
As part of the review, the Public Service Division (PSD) also strengthened measures to reduce the risk of fraud and corruption.
Currently, some agencies with positions of high risk of corruption already practise job rotation.
Some agencies also impose block leave as a fraud prevention and deterrence measure.
From 1 January 2014, job rotation and block leave will be enforced for officers holding positions which are more susceptible to being tempted or exploited if the officer were to remain in the same job for too long.
Depending on the nature of their work, these officers will be subject to either one or both measures.
Under the new rules, these officers should not serve in the posts for more than five years.
PSD also released details of its Code of Conduct.
The code calls on public officers to work with the elected government to serve the people and shape Singapore's future and uphold the integrity and reputation of the Public Service."

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