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Casino sucks your money

Casino sucks your money. How to quit gambling? Gambling is the very bad habit. Once you get hooked, it is very difficult to quit it if no external factors or good advices making you stop. Remember greed is the factor that block gamblers  from quitting. If We ready want to have the ready happy and peaceful life, then we need to know the importance of quitting the gaming habits. We have to quit gambling. Remember there is too many temptation like sex, eating, sleeping, alcohol, money, power, all these simply because of our rooted illusion, comparison and attachment. If We have a dot of wisdom, then we got the hope. With the dot of superficial wisdom, then we can quit gaming. I see so many gamblers living in miserable life and I like to advise them to stop the bad habit. I hope this post " How to quit gambling can help someone who are addicted on gambling to quit to prevent more nightmares. The root of the gaming is because of greed. You want more money rely on luck. If the luck not there, you can wipe out your hard-earned money in the shortest time. You are dreaming to earn easy money but the operator is the ultimate winner because it sucks most of the gamers' money. You can not blame the operator because your mind want it. Gaming  will affect your daily life and you will suffer in great pain emotionally and physically. This is the side effect for those who are addicted and lost much money.
Casino sucks your money. How to stop gambling? It can be done once you realize the bad outcome. Do you have any ideas how to quit gambling? Yes, ask those gamblers, they know very well. Let me tell you the story about Mr. Desire who is the gamer. Let's tell about this gambler story. His name is Mr. Desire.
1. Want to get rich in the shortest time : Why Mr. Desire became the gamer? It is because he wanted to have more money, he wanted to be the richest person in the shortest time. Did Mr, Desire became the richest man? No, he became the poorest man after one year of gaming.
2. Can gambler get rich instantly?  Did Mr. Desire become more healthy after one year of gaming? The
answer is no, he become very moody , very sad person because he have lost all his hard=earned money. Not only that, Mr. Desire now own a lot of money to banks, friends and unable to pay insurance payment on time.
3. Great emotional suffering if money constantly lost for a period of time: Mr. Desire is now suffering.......That desire was so strong that blinded him for many months 15 months or more. The suffering finally wake him up a bit but he must be ready mindful because that habit can be came back if he forget it its danger....
4. The gambling habit can pop up again and again: Luckily, Mr. Desire can finally stop the habit, thanks for the advice from friends, wise people. We will continue to talk Mr. Desire until We have nothing to talk about him. The purpose of this post is just to remind readers do not ever to have the gaming habit. We ready no need so much money to survive....
5. Gamblers can not satisfy even he had won some because of greedy mind set:  .Mr. Desire told us his experience. He said that he was so greedy that even he had strike $9000 dollars in few hours but his mind was so greedy that he wanted more. He then put the higher bets thinking the luck will continue to come, sadly to say the bad luck coming and all the $9000 dollars was completely wipe out.After that, Mr. Desire still want to win all the lost back.
6. Always thinking of winning back all lost amounts: Can Mr. Desire take back all his lost money, let's continue the story....
7. Keep on borrowing money from others and have many bad debts: Now, Mr.Desire has many worries, he is unable to pay Insurance installment on time. He is unable to pay rental fees. He is unable to pay the loan that he had borrowed from the bank. He is unable to pay back the money that he borrowed from his colleague. All these dollars are more than thousand over dollars.  Mr,Desire suddenly feel panic and planned how to settle all these. The first problem was that he now has zero dollars on the bank accounts because he had lost all his salaries on gamer. The immediate problem is to have some money to top up bus fare/ Mrt card so that he still can go to work. He then asked his brother $50 and borrowed $20 dollar from his friend. With this $70 dollars, he then could drag until the next pay day.
8.More and more worries coming: Now, Mr. Desire started to receive letter from Insurance company for the unsuccessful deduction from the bank account. Mr.Desire started to receive call from loan bank that he needed to pay the monthly loan immediately, wow, the loan amount needed to pay more because of the delay. the rental fares also needed to be delayed. Now, Mr. Desire entered to the period of owing debts. Can Mr. Desire survive after that, Let's continue the story later......On 26-4-2013, Mr.Desire got his salary and he had to plan how to utilize the money. Mr.Desire first paid up the rental fees $300 and then he paid the bank loan total of $370( including the late payment charge $60 and the third loan payment $160). How about the $600 owned to his friend and Insurance payment for two consecutive month total up $940.  Mr. Desire expected all these, he told his friend that he was unable to pay him in full may be pay half first. Mr.Desire gave this suggestion and his friend needed few days to consider. Wow, all these made him headache indeed. After checking the balance on the bank account, the balance was $940, just enough for the insurance payment, then how about the $600 and the daily expenses?
9. No money left as the outcome of gambling: Suddenly Mr. Desire thought that going for the gaming again might be able to solve all these payment if he ready got the luck and won. But after the deep thought, Mr. Desire gave up the idea because it was risky and how about if Mr. Desire had the bad luck and lost all the balances in the bank account? So. Mr. Desire never went for gaming eventually. Now, he drew $200 for the daily expenses because continued borrowing money from friends is not the solution. In this situation, Mr. Desire could only paid up the one insurance payment, the second payment had to delay until the next month 28-05-2013. The $600 owned to his friend had also needed to delayed further. Could Mr. Desire overcame all the burden? Let's continue the story....On 3-05-2013 morning, his friend told Mr.Desire to pay half of $600 first, the rest can pay on end of May. Mr. Desire then went to check the bank account, there is still some balance there. He drew out some money and paid to his friend $300 plus another $30 interest. So, he still need to pay him $300, insurance payment $630 plus the incoming new insurance payment $470, total insurance payment $1100. I think this month and next month also the headache for Mr. Desire. Let's continue the story until nothing to tell.
10. Emotional unstable: Because of all these, he stopped gaming and within this few weeks, Mr. Desire started to read articles with wisdom especially the Buddha teaching. Mr. Desire suddenly realize that life can be so peaceful and happy without greed. He feels ready joyful. Now, Mr. Desire is totally quit gaming and has no desires. He now is the normal man without abnormal mindset. Thanks Buddha's teaching transform him and he is now the person who never kill, steal, sex, telling truth, no alcohol. He adopt the Buddha life style and enjoy the highest form of living.Mr. Desire told me that he now enjoys the highest form of enjoyment without much money. With the small room, foods to eat, got clothing to wear, have a job, have time to watch video from Master chin kung, life is so good and happy just like Master Chin Kung. I hope everybody can live happily like Mr, Desire.
11. Illusion pop up from time to time : Now, Mr. Desire change his name , his new name is Mr. Happy. Sadly to say after few weeks, Mr. Happy became Mr. Desire again, it was because something pop up on his mind, he wanted to try the luck, it mean he was still in unawakened state. Wow, human mindset is damn difficult to control. On 21 May 2013, he drew $200 and went to gaming place, within one hour, these two hundred dollars were gone. And again he went home to take the balancing cash $70, hoping that he could slowly win some. 
12. Life is miserable and affecting the whole family: The outcome was ready cruel, he lost again. Can he survive until the end of the month? Let's see....His brother Mr. Anger suspected Mr. Desire go gaming and kept on receiving the promotion letters from gaming office. On 22 May 2013, he reminded Mr. Desire not to go gaming again because it will affect the later life due to no money. Both argued loudly, Mr. Anger said to Mr.Desire : ' Are you the member of the gaming office? How come I keep on receiving the letters? I feel sad because of this." Mr. Desire said :" No, the gaming office will send letter as long as people went to the gaming place regardless whether you are member or not." Mr. Anger said :" Fucking hell, this gaming place make lots of people losing money, I don't want to see this letters coming anymore." Mr. Desire said :" You have to be cool, don't act like the angry bird, I think better we don't stay together, I wish to buy a house and move out here. Mr. Anger acted so angrily and called the police and voiced out his anger about 'GAMING ACTIVITIES ". Wow, the family is now became not peaceful because if all these. Can Mr. Desire quit the gaming finally? Let's continue the story. Suddenly Mr. Desire decided not to go gaming so as not to make the situation worse and he called the gaming club to stop sending promotion materials. Because of not going there anymore, he now has enough money to pay the outstanding bills and by 7 June 2013, he had cleared all outstanding bills no more delayed payment. Mr. Desire is now heading to the right path and the painful experiences indeed gave him the useful lesson. Mr, Desire now is totally quit gaming and he is now feel ready peaceful. Can Mr. Desire maintain this, let's watch closely......
After one month of peace, one day his illusion came out again and went to the gaming house and lost $400 within 4 hours, that mean the desire was still there, can Mr, Desire overcame all these, let's watch closely. Can his life always in agony again and again? Again he stopped gaming but the gaming desires still pop up few times and this time he lost the money from the insurance policy, the accumulated profit of $5400 just being wiped up completely. Wow , it shown that human beings want to stop the temptation is so difficult. Hopefully Mr. Desire can overcome all these struggle. Can he?
Mr. Desire still want to win back all he have lost and he now draw out all the balances in the bank account and the outcome still the same. Now the amount in his bank account left 2 dollars. Again he borrowed $300 from his friend and again lost all. You might be wondering how come Mr. Desire  is so weak...Can he wake up this time? The pay day finally came, he withdrew all money for gaming thinking the luck could finally came but he only encountered bad luck, this time, he not only lost all the money and struck in the casino because he had exceeded the time limit and he needed to pay $100. Mr. Desire no choice but to called his brother for help. This time the brother controlled the temple and came down to give him $100 so that he could leave Casino. How about his daily life after that after Mr. Desire had zero dollars? Let's see how he cope with the new situation. Let's see this stupid gamer the next agony.
13. Need long time to realise and quit: Can he wake up again? I think the example of Mr. Desire telling us once we get hooked on gambling, we will live in miserable life for a long time. I will tell you more about Mr. Desire and hopefully he can quit gambling eventually. Thanks readers reading this post " How to quit gambling? "
14. Repeat the same bad habit: After sometimes, the gambling desire still pop up and Mr. Desire lost another 450 dollars. Again, he had to borrow from his sister and brother.
15. Telling lies: In order to borrow money from his brother. Mr. desire lied to his brither that his ATM card lost. Let's see whether Mr. Desire doomed or not.
 Casino sucks your money.

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