Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Buddha teaching 阿彌陀佛 Amituofo

My mind now is all 阿彌陀佛 Amituofo. I now use 阿彌陀佛 Amituofo to replace all my wandering thoughts. This is the very effective ways to supress the wild thoughts or evil thoughts. No wonder Buddha recommended this method 2500 years ago. According to the Buddha teaching, this word阿彌陀佛 Amituofo is the helping words that can help human beings to go pure land and end the incarnation suffering. In simple words, the simplest way to go pure land, this land call Amituofo land or Buddha blissful land. Now is the end age of Buddha teaching, we still have 9000years to go before Buddhism no longer in this world. This was the land that created by Amituofo to save human beings end the suffering, Amituofo will bring us to the pure land when we about to leave this world. The condition is that our last thought must be Amituofo and stay alert at the last moment. So now we need to practise first by reciting the word 阿彌陀佛 Amituofo. This is the perfect and simply way at this time. Hope all people who want to go pure land, do not give up and you will be there for sure.

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