Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vesak day

SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sends his greetings to all Buddhists on the occasion of Vesak Day.
Minister Heng Swee Keat also posted a greeting on Facebook, wishing "all Buddhists a Peaceful and Joyous Vesak Day!"
Vesak day is the important day for mankind. I am so happy that I have the chance to learn the Buddha ways of living, that's mean I am worth living. Buddhism has already in this world more than 2500 years, yet the Buddha teachings are still very useful nowadays. From India, it spread to Asia including China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Bhutan, SriLanka or Ceylon, Thailand, Philippines etc and now it spread further to western countries, even Africa also has Buddhist monks. Buddha was the man but his influence was so great as the human. Today is Vesak day, it is time to all human beings to ready sit down and think what go wrong in this world? Today is Vesak day. it is time to think deeply why Buddha ways of living can being total peace to this world, no violence, no greed, only have wisdom, awakening type of wisdom.....Vesak day is the day for me to think. Yes Many Buddha statues in many countries even today. Buddha was the excellent example of being the extremely good man. He was the teacher of highest morality. Through his teachings, we feel true peace because of our peaceful acts. Peaceful acts in everything, can you imagine that no hurting of any sentient beings like animals,etc. Buddha told us the various paths to get enlightenment. He said that the whole universe and I are the one, so we should have sincerity, purity, equality, Buddha wisdom or awakening wisdom, compassionate love and then we need to understand the universe and human world, learn how to let go of all desires because it block our inner wisdom, we them must have freedom without any fear, accord with the surrounding harmoniously and mindful of achieving the ultimate aim of enlightenment. Every person regardless of what your religions must adopt the peaceful ways of living. Remember Buddha was the good man, so he was the good teacher who shown us the excellent example. I wish everybody can become the Buddha. In flat we all are future Buddha. If we are willing to purify our mind, the hope is there. This is my thought for today and my Vesak day's thoughts.   

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