Friday, November 8, 2013

Buddha teaching Stop killing now

Namoamituofo. If We want to live longer and have the good health. The secret is giving true love to all animals. We are all part of the universe, the only difference is that we are more intelligent than them. Being more intelligent not mean we can bully these stupid one. Remember they do not want suffering also. If we kill them, our life will not go smoothly for sure but this statement only the awaken one and Buddhists, hindu or some other religion know. Do not kill them and we will be blessed. Because we never create fear for them, we will be ready live in peace. Do not kill animals mean giving peace for animals. This is the great contribution.Stop killing can lead us to have peaceful life, stop eating animals, we will be more healthy. All are one. We treat animals with compassion because we are all brothers, sisters. If we kill them, next life when we become animals, we will get killed. Why we want to kill them? We will be truly blessed if we adopt the buddha way of living-the pure and normal life style. Time to wake up and stop all suffering.
Buddha has many followers in this world because the teachings are ready peaceful. Not even one ant we can kill, Buddha just simply told us the reality of universe. Furthermore, Buddha told us to have enlightenment, we need to stop all desires and do not follow the abnormal ways that human beings do.
Yes, to go back to the original mindset, we need to learn how to attain it. 
Remember: To prevent get killed, we need to stop killing. With unconditional kindness to all type of animals, then we will be respected. If not, we have to pay back sooner and later, this is just the truth. Who know? Only the truly wise one know.

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